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PDP Basketball Academy was founded by Hennssy Auriantal in 2002 who is a Former UW basketball player under Dick Bennett era (1995-99). The main purpose of the program was to help the youth within each communities in the Madison area by introducing them to five life principles such as Humility, Passion, Unity, Servanthhood and Thankfulness which was introduced to him by his Former College Coach Dick Bennett.   Those principles are life lessons that will help each child understand how to behave on and off the court. He also wanted each participants to understand the process it takes to be a great basketball player and spending time in the gym, teaching youth how to coach themselves, understanding their own individual skill and game, develop a motor and toughness, strength and agility, and repetition,  which are all parts that will lead each player to the path of High School Varsity player, Div 1 College player, and NBA.  List of players you might know trained by Hennssy Auriantal from the WI since 2002, Kyle Weaver, Michael Nelson, Justin Jackson, Curtrell Robinson, DeAndre Buchanon, Robert Barefield, Mike Collins, Reggie Gaddis, David Burgoefer, Micheal Ntambi, Jerard Ajami, Chase & Shane Kieler, Ehren Wren, Tony Monroe, Korvonne Gaines, Antoine Roshell, Jimmy Williams, Tre Creamer, Cashton Craig, Devonte Maymon, Will Hudson, Jeronne Maymon, Matt  & Sam Everson, Tierney & Delaney Twing, Jamar Morris, Junior Lomomba, Jester Weah, Guyjol Songolo, Brendan Ortiz, Darryln Willis, Koko Songolo, Kateri & Cheyenne Trilling, Sam Noyce, and more to come!!!


Hennssy Auriantal passion was to see each child reach their own dreams and goals even when they didn't think they had the mindset and the ability to do it. He wanted each child to believe in themselves no matter what the circumstances were and he challenged them mentality so they can see that vision of what they can be tomorrow.


PDP is here to stay even when Hennssy is no longer there but his heart and spirit remains with all the staff members, youth and other participants that remains in the gym everyday and within the program.


1-2-3--> Be Loud and Proud... "P.D.P"...

Stay tuned!!!