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PDP's approach to training the Individual player is unique and proven. First, by focusing on a player's individual training sets PDP apart from all other basketball programs, which mainly look to compete in tournaments, run offenses and improve team concepts. Over the past many years, kids have played in many more basketball games that before, however, lack the individual skills needed to be successful.

Further, PDP utilizes the following key success factors to develop players:

- a strategic target for skill development - where the individual player needs their skills to be (NBA and college level skills)

- time in the gym (10,000 hours rule) to allow players to develop those skills

- developing the players' passion and motor to be excellent

This unique approach is proven, based on the development of over 70 college basketball players in the last 10 years. These players have spent thousands of hours in the gym, working and building toward that target skillset. 

PDP splits participants up into 3 levels:

- Advanced - typically 3rd-5th grade and newer middle school players

- Elite - typically 6th-8th grade and highly-skilled, hard-working elementary aged players

- All-American - typically High School and highly-skilled, hard-working middle school aged players

Below is an article that speak to the need for kids to train their individual skills. that sum up PDP's important role in youth basketball:

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